Today, three interrelated megatrends - Big Data, Big Users, Cloud Computing are driving the adoption of NoSQL technology. Is schema-less data model better for data captured and processed today? We at believe is it better.

Developers want a very flexible database that easily accommodates new data types and isn’t disrupted by content structure changes from third-party data providers. Much of the new data is unstructured and semi-structured, so developers also need a database that is capable of efficiently storing it. Unfortunately, the rigidly defined, schema-based approach used by relational databases makes it impossible to quickly incorporate new types of data, and is a poor fit for unstructured and semi-structured data. NoSQL provides a data model that maps better to these needs.

Short arguments for Couchbase?

  1. Document access in Couchbase is strongly consistent, query access is eventually consistent.
  2. Writes are asynchronous by default but can be controlled
  3. Couchbase has atomic operations for counting and appending
  4. Use CAS (optimistic locking) over GetL (pessimistic locking) almost always
  5. Supports multi-get operations. This performs better than a serial loop that tries to GET for each item individually and sequentially
  6. Auto-sharding. HA and supports disaster recovery. Support 24x365 continuous operation of applications
  7. Distributed query support - perform complex data queries over servers 
  8. Integraded caching - transparently cache data in system memory.